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People Empowering People

That’s how we think about HR, payroll and benefits. Sure, it’s about software, integrations, reporting and compliance, but ultimately, it’s about people. It’s about taking care of them so they can do what they do best with confidence. Our client relationships are anything but transactional. We are long-term partners, dedicated to the success of our clients and, most importantly, their people.

Working With Us

Rooted in Relationships

Our HR, payroll and benefits services are only as strong as our relationships. Working with Payday is a partnership—from initial consult and planning to implementation and support.


We dive deep into the inner workings of our clients’ businesses, exploring product-marketing fit, growth plans and more, to effectively deliver flexible, scalable HR, benefits and payroll solutions.


Constantly looking towards the horizon, we help our clients plan for and navigate both opportunities and challenges.


Throughout the entire employee lifecycle, we help our clients build, launch and maintain core HR, benefits and payroll technologies, ensuring proper fit and optimization.


HR, payroll and benefits are not a one-and-done type thing. We provide our clients with ongoing support to offer solutions to ever-changing needs.


Deep Knowledge, Experienced Partners

Understanding the HR, payroll and benefits landscape is not always easy. With our team of experts a phone call or an email away, we’re here to help. We know the ins and outs of the marketplace. There is not much we have not seen and heard. Payday has been built from the ground on up to focus on what matters. Our clients. Bottom line: we love sharing what we know to help your business thrive.

Our benefits plan with Payday will save us $1 Million this year; Payday worked with us to create a unique plan specifically tailored to our needs.

Roy Leitstein, CEO of Legacy Treatment Services


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