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Surgery Center at Hamilton

The Surgery Center at Hamilton (SCH) provides state-of-the-art technology for surgical procedures and diagnostic studies that do not require an overnight stay. Their skilled surgeons and dedicated staff offer a multitude of procedures. Areas of specialty include, but are not limited to, gastroenterology, gynecology, pediatric care and plastic surgery. The SCH strives to provide the highest quality care, offering many comforts of home, to put patients at ease. Their attention to detail and goal of offering the best possible patient experience creates a hassle-free environment for both patients and their families.


Frustration over high administrative fees, bulky/clumsy payroll systems, and a lack of confidence in the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that they were using for these services, prompted the SCH to look for a new provider. At the time, the SCH viewed the benefits package as the main strength of the PEO’s offering, but this was being overshadowed by the limited payroll system, exorbitant fees, and lackluster HR services. Desiring a comparable benefits package, with greater overall human resource program efficiency for a lesser cost, the SCH initiated its search for an alternative.

Payday was one of the providers interviewed by the SCH; the first impression captured the SCH’s attention, and the level of professionalism experienced was unmatched by other providers being considered. The Payday representatives were comprehensive and left no stone unturned as they worked through different ways to save money and provide the support that the SCH was seeking. They identified various areas for potential savings and increased efficiency if they transitioned away from their current PEO and moved to the Payday suite of services.


At the beginning of their partnership, Payday team members sat down at length with the SCH administrator to design cost-effective benefit plans. Numerous meetings were held to discuss the options; representatives were beneficial throughout the process. Subsequently, representatives held discussions with the entire SCH staff to introduce the plans and complete the paperwork. Since that time, Payday has taken a lot of the paperwork burden off of the team by streamlining the process. Now, when a new employee is added, the SCH has the comfort of knowing it will be processed correctly and efficiently.

Another area where Payday improved efficiency was concerning bi-weekly processing payroll, which had been very time-consuming for the SCH. Payday was able to take the SCH’s time and attendance system and develop a custom script, to have the data flow directly into the payroll system. This streamlining resulted in a minimal change on the SCH’s end, and greatly simplified payroll processing by automating the transfer of time clock data direct to Payday.


“Payday is an excellent company; I highly recommend them. I couldn’t even try to find something I don’t like.”

Chris Wetzel, Administrator


Having worked with Payday for less than a year, the SCH does not yet have a year-over-year comparison, so we cannot pinpoint total savings. However, they can say with certainty that they have reduced their overall healthcare expenditures by over $100,000.

As a result of the excellent customer service and the Payday model, savings are not only visible in terms of money conserved, but also in time and burdens removed from the staff—something for which you cannot set a value.

Partnership with Payday

At the beginning of the process, the SCH had frequent contact with Payday representatives. Customer service was provided by smart, creative, and highly professional individuals. There was intensive work involved in selecting the most appropriate plans to suit the payroll processing and insurance needs of the SCH.

Payday was also beneficial in recruiting efforts. Not only did they provide employee selection insight, but they filtered applicants’ resumes and sent the most qualified and relevant applications along to the SCH staff for interviews and selection; this saved the SCH a lot of time and frustration. Payday also assisted in publishing an employee manual that reflected current state and federal regulations.

Payday is a fantastic partner and has met all of the needs of the SCH. All concerns are resolved with cost-effectiveness maintained as the top priority, and the team is immediately responsive to emails and requests. As a result of their exceptional service, the Surgery Center at Hamilton has referred to several other companies to Payday and will continue to do so.

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