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Legacy Treatment Services

Legacy Treatment Services (LTS) is a nonprofit human services agency, providing premier resources in the New Jersey region for residential, behavioral, and mental health needs. LTS is the product of a merger between The Children’s Home (TCH) and The Drenk Center. The combined organizations have over 200 years of experience serving New Jersey’s most vulnerable and at-risk children, youth, adults and families. LTS now employs over 700 professionals and staff members providing a full array of programs and services and operates in 10 counties throughout New Jersey.


While serving as CEO of The Children’s Home (TCH), Roy Leitstein gained some experience in moving from ADP, a large payroll provider, to a smaller provider that promised excellent customer service and individualized attention. That move proved to be “an absolute disaster for TCH.”

After transitioning back to ADP and engaging a private broker for employee benefits, TCH was generally satisfied with the payroll services provided and saved money with the broker. However, as TCH continued its rapid growth (from revenues of $6 Million in 2007 to $20 Million in 2012), Roy began investigating single-source solutions, like Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) for payroll and benefits administration to streamline administration and reduce costs. While he was looking, a business associate introduced him to Payday.

Payday, it seemed, offered all of the advantages of integrated payroll and benefits administration advertised by the PEOs, but did not require that TCH relinquish any of its rights as the employer, and it promised to deliver the same, or better, products and services at substantially lower costs than the PEOs. Roy invited Payday to submit a formal proposal, in which the projected cost savings were so compelling that TCH moved its payroll and benefits administration to Payday.

Payday stood out from their competitors based on their ability and priority to understand the client and facilitate their needs.


As The Children’s Home and The Drenk Center (two $20 Million organizations) began merging into one organization, Legacy Treatment Services, TCH CEO, Roy Leitstein, strongly recommended Payday to handle the merger of payroll and benefits for the 720 employees. However, the CEO and the Board of Directors of The Drenk Center strongly supported their provider, and so began comparing competitors. Payday was more impressive from the beginning, as its representatives took the time to understand the needs of this non-profit organization and its desire to provide a rich benefit plan for employees. Working closely with Legacy, Payday presented a unique benefits package with dramatic cost savings to the organization and benefit enhancements for the staff. Once again, Payday was awarded the business based on its delivery of cost savings and its devotion to understanding its client’s needs.

The Payday staff helped Legacy achieve a painless transition of two separate payrolls to one single payroll system for a team of 720, with less than three months to accomplish the task. Additionally, Payday facilitated a seamless transition from a time clock system to their newer, web-based timekeeping system.

Payday was also invaluable in educating employees and staff on the new, customized benefits plan to ensure that everyone understood its coverage, vesting, and other provisions.

“Our benefits plan with Payday will save us $1 Million this year; Payday worked with us to create a unique plan specifically tailored to our needs.”

Roy Leitstein, CEO
Legacy Treatment Services


In just over a year, Payday had saved The Children’s Home over $100,000 in payroll and benefits, which was why Roy Leit-stein championed Payday during and after the merger with The Drenk Center.  Post-merger, Legacy Treatment Services is projecting to save over $1 Million this year, thanks to the innovative benefits plan designed by Payday.

Partnership with Payday

Serving The Children’s Home and Legacy Treatment Services, the Payday staff continuously stands out amongst the competition due to their honesty, communication, problem-solving, and attentiveness to their client’s needs. Compared to other providers, Payday makes an effort to fully educate their client and staff to ensure the best service and care.  Legacy Treatment Services feels their needs are currently being entirely met by Payday in all aspects of service. The client feels security knowing that if any issues arise, the Payday team will work efficiently and honestly to address and resolve the matter immediately.

Legacy Treatment Services confidently provides referrals for Payday and recommends small businesses struggling with benefits contact Payday for their provider services.

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