The holiday season is a time for family, celebration and thanks for all we have. It’s also a time to think about those less fortunate. Like many other wonderful organizations in our community, The Caring Committee at Ohef Sholom Temple does its best to look after those who need a hand. When the Caring Committee launched its Giving with Gratitude campaign in November, Payday Payroll was first in line to donate. The plan was simple: collect food and clothing to distribute holiday baskets to our neighbors and friends in need.

The staff at Payday went through their closets for jackets, sweaters, shirts and shoes and then added a few extra items to their grocery carts. We are proud to help the Caring Committee in its campaign.  Because of the committee’s efforts, over 50 families received a holiday basket.

There is no shortage of families in need in our community, and every little bit helps.  We hope you will find a way to give back this season.  We’re sure you will find the gratitude you receive is returned ten-fold.

Happy holidays, everyone!

2014 - 11 Nov - Caring for those in need - Pix

Payday Staff with Alyssa Muhlendorf from Ohef Sholom Temple