In spring of 2000, a few Virginia Beach teenagers returned from a trip to Nicaragua.  These young men and women were so affected by the impoverished condition on the children living on the streets and in underserved orphanages in Nicaragua, they were compelled to act.

Guided by their faith and with the full support of their families and Spring Branch Church, they returned to help a few children at a single orphanage.  The ORPHANetwork was born from these humble beginnings.  They celebrated their 15th anniversary this year and show no signs of slowing down.  Today, the ORPHANetwork has 6 orphanage partners in Nicaragua serving over 300 children in need.  They have also grown a network of supporters, including HOLA (co-founded by Payday CEO, Andy Kline) that work on specific projects like implementing music programs and helping children from the orphanages get into college.

The ORPHANetwork is always looking for volunteers and others willing to further the cause.  If you would like more information, please visit their website at

jennifer lopez

Danny Kline, Jennifer Lopez (former orphan sponsored by Payday Payroll) and Bob Young, co-founder of HOLA