Payday Payroll - A Family Affair

Andy Kline moved to Hampton Roads from New York City in 1973 for a simple reason — he got a job in Norfolk. Kline, the son of a firefighter, missed big city sports and culture but felt lucky because “at least I had a job.”

After working for various companies, Andy started his own business in Virginia Beach in 1985 doing tax returns for corporations. That business eventually led him, in 1989, to venture into payroll. Today, the company has offices in VA and FL and provides outsourced payroll services for businesses across the United States. Beyond that, Andy has built one of the most well-respected payroll service bureaus in the country.

For Andy, it felt natural to bring his family into the business with him. In 2006, his son, Danny, moved home from the Washington, DC area to join the team. Now president, Danny leads the company and works hard to keep Payday on the cutting edge — always looking for the most value for his clients.

Payday Payroll is a close-knit unit – even for the many employees with a different last name than Kline. The team works as one to handle any client need, and Payday prides itself on exceptional customer service.

We have been that way ever since Andy turned half of his garage into the first corporate headquarters of Payday Payroll. When you’re a Payday client, you’re part of the family.

Let us show you what that means.

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