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Why Your Business Needs a Security Audit

Worried about your company’s IT security?

Do you wonder when the next malicious virus will bring your network to its knees?

Does Spyware have all of your network computers running slower than normal?

What’s the financial impact if you are compromised?

The best approach to put these concerns to rest is the use of a comprehensive security audit.

A security audit that does not review all the areas listed below could in fact leave the client exposed and susceptible to information loss, site outage and revenue loss. Here are the seven key components of a comprehensive security audit.

  • Internal network penetration test – The process will test and validate the level of internal security on the client network.  Based on statistics maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), fifty percent of companies reporting break-ins to their networks and/or business applications state they were compromised by internal attacks.  
  • External network penetration test – This process will test and validate the level of security on all the external entry points for the client business network. Our firm recommends the use of multiple hacking techniques to ensure every possible avenue has been exhausted. 
  • Review of application security – While network security is crucial to ensure proper precautions have been observed, application security is also just as critical.  Numerous known software design exploits are completely avoidable but are routinely undiscovered. 
  • Review of IT physical security – We recommend the physical security at the client be evaluated to ensure that external network and application security cannot be circumvented by an authorized (or unauthorized) person gaining access to the internal network.  
  • Evaluation of intrusion detection precautions – Hackers with or without malicious intent will eventually test even the best security.  With this said, intrusion detection like security becomes essential for detecting the first signs of an attack.  This allows IT personnel to take proper steps to identify the attack, report forensic information to the FBI and shut down the attack.  
  • Evaluation of social engineering (employee readiness) – Many simple approaches can be utilized to gain access to users’ network and application logon credentials. We recommend a test of the current employee readiness against such attacks. 
  • Application capacity test – In addition to security, we also recommend a test of application systems.  Hackers often overwhelm a system with an enormous amount of transactions or erroneous traffic.  Although this does not pose a risk for information loss, it does allow the system to be rendered unusable. 

A security audit is critical to determine if a company is exposed and properly protected from all points of infiltration, both external and internal.

We believe all areas of security be audited annually to minimize the overall corporate risk to information and intellectual property.

Blake White is the president and co-founder of Endurance IT Services and has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry.  He can be reached at Blake.White@endurance-it.com


Jeff Marbach + EJ Spector + Heather Leeming + Catherine Wolfe

Pantry of Broward County Celebrates 6th Anniversary

On Tuesday July 8, over 300 people turned out to celebrate The Pantry of Broward’s 6th anniversary.  In addition to celebrating Pantry’s impact on the community, the event honored the life of B.J. Buntrock, the Pantry’s founder who passed away a week before the anniversary party.  B.J. recently celebrated her 80th birthday and was honored by the Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler. The mayor led attendees in a toast to BJ and the Pantry of Broward.

Jeff Marbach + EJ Spector + Heather Leeming + Catherine Wolfe

Jeff Marbach, EJ Spector, Pantry Board Chair Heather Leeming and Pantry CFO Catherine Wolfe.

The Pantry of Broward assists seniors who live on low fixed incomes, in particular those who struggle to raise grandchildren. Thousands of seniors and children have benefited from the Pantry, which functions as a nutritional safety net and provides food and other support throughout Broward County.  To learn more about the Pantry great cause, please visit its website.

Catherine Wolfe + Jeff Marbach + Penny Loughan + Lydya Chapman + Scott Huizenga
Pantry CFO Catherine Wolfe,  Jeff Marbach, Pantry CEO Penny Loughan, Director of Volunteers Lydya Chapman Director of Volunteers and Scott Huizenga, nephew of founder B.J. Buntrock.

And the 2014 Youth of the Year Goes to…

The Payday staff was honored to attend the 5th Annual Youth of the Year Dinner sponsored by The Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Virginia. The dinner celebrates teenage members of The Boys and Girls Club (a longtime Payday client) who make excellent life choices and do great work in their schools and communities.

Local TV personality Barbara Ciara emceed the dinner, which included an unbelievable lineup of entertainment thanks to members of The Boys and Girls Club. Whether it was singing, dancing or martial arts, the hundreds in attendance enjoyed a non-stop show!

As the evening came to a close, it was time to announce the 2014 Youth of the Year. Payday Payroll was proud to cheer on Quache Taylor as she accepted the honors. Congratulations to Ms. Taylor and the rest of the nominees. You have all made us proud!

In the photo below, Payday’s Steve Kayer and Danny Kline stand alongside Hal Smith, director of finance for The Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Virginia.


About the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern VA:

Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern VA is on a mission to enable all young people, especially those in need, to realize their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Its structured programs promote academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character in today’s youths.

The Boys and Girls Club proudly runs its Kids Cafe program, which serves over 146,000 nutritionally-balanced dinners to participating children every school year.