Kasam Hamza – Director of IT
Each day, cyber attacks threaten businesses big and small, and I believe the best security measure is contained in one word: preparation. At Payday, we have instituted cutting-edge security practices and trained our team to remain vigilant at all times to suspicious activity. The result is a full-scale operation dedicated to the safety of your account. Please read through our security efforts, and click on the links below that offer tips on cyber security. As a Payday client, we need you to stay educated on the issue as well. PaydaySecure is our commitment and promise that the safety of your account is one of our top priorities. Thanks, as always, for your trust and for being a member of the Payday family.

Careful Watch

The Payday team monitors activity on PayEntry, our cloud based payroll system. If we notice any suspicious activity, we call you immediately. At larger, national payroll companies, it can be more difficult to keep track of every account and transaction. Our size is our strength.

We take pride in our ability to oversee each account and notice red flags as soon as they occur. That way, we maintain tight control and can prevent a situation from escalating.


Enhanced Login Security

In March 2015, Payday instituted a Two Factor Authentication for PayEntry.

That means when you log into PayEntry with a username and password, you also need to verify authentication through a free app, text message or phone call.

The enhanced security measure makes sure you – and not a hacker – is the person who logs into your account. We believe two factor authentication is a necessary addition to keep your information safe at all times.

Click here to watch an instructional video on TFA.


62 Point Payroll Checklist (and growing!)

At Payday we review each payroll before it’s allowed to process. As a matter of fact, we have a 62-point checklist for every payroll. We look for all kinds of red flags like high pay for individuals, unusually large or small payroll for the company, invalid tax setup on employees, missing pay rates and negative deductions – just to name a few. Our checklist continues to grow as we identify other mistakes or abnormalities.


Cyber Security Tips

A major component of PaydaySecure is education. We want all of you to understand cyber security, the latest trends and how to stay protected.

Please click the link below to review articles written by professional IT consultants.

Security Tips