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Payday Payroll Helps Raise Money for Latin American Orphans

By Payday Staff

The Payday team was out in force for a cause we care about deeply. In December 2013, we attended a fundraiser at Chick’s Oyster Bar for HOLA, an international humanitarian charitable organization, provides leadership and funding to create a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America’s poorest communities.

From HOLA:

“HOLA just completed a monumental “Learning Center” facility in the Hogar de Fe Orphanage right outside the city of Managua, Nicaragua. This state of the art facility in Nicaragua is now linking with Cape Henry Collegiate in Virginia Beach, allowing the kids to interact as well as providing them with international exposure. With this fundraiser our goal is to raise money and awareness of this facility, our other buildings, and our organization. The Learning Center facility has extremely high internet costs due to the fact that internet is not easily accessible in that part of Nicaragua. Come out and support international learning and HOLA!! Thank you!”

Payday has been a longtime supporter of HOLA and we are proud to see all the success it’s had. To many more!


The Payday team at Chicks in Va Beach in support of HOLA and to eat some great BBQ!