Christine Kingery


Christine Kingery | PAYROLL MANAGER

Christine is responsible for every payroll processed by Payday. She supervises all processors and customer support as well as handles initial training of new employees. Christine earns high praises from clients as she routinely resolves complex problems.

Christine has lived and worked in Hampton Roads her entire life. She spent 12 years processing payroll for a large, multi-state Domino’s Pizza franchise headquartered in the area. Since joining Payday in 1999, she has become a savvy payroll veteran and a valuable asset to the company.

Bowling in a 9-pin, no-tap tournament
Pepsi in a cold glass bottle
Club sandwich (hold the lettuce, tomato and mayo)
Saturday night music trivia
Speeding in a school zone
Late payroll submissions
Running out of Pepsi
Getting gas in the rain