Cheryl Custodero



Cheryl joined Payday Payroll Services in December of 2014. She has a diversified accounting background which includes international accounting. Some of her experience includes working in Vancouver, British Columbia and Reno, Nevada for a leading gold mining corporation. Over the span of her career, Cheryl has worked with a variety of small businesses to assist them with all of their accounting, payroll, and human resource needs. Prior to making the move to Virginia, she was an owner of a successful union electrical contracting company in Southern California, which worked on government contracts. While living in California, she enjoyed volunteering as Treasurer for a local Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

Irish coffee while sitting in a café in a quaint town in Normandy
The people, historical architecture and food of Europe
Hiking and camping through our National Parks
Private wine tours in California, Virginia, and of course Italy
Long flights with screaming babies
Being dunked into cold Lake Tahoe waters while parasailing
Catching a fish the size of a Buick and having line break before pulling the fish onto the boat
Weather forecast of sunshine which turns to pouring rain and howling wind