Andy Kline


Andy Kline | FOUNDER/CEO

Andy is a pioneer in the electronic tax and data processing industry. In 1985, he founded the first tax service bureau in the country that transitioned large, cumbersome data centers on mainframes to a local, regional processing center on desktop computers. Andy promised next-day turnaround and a guarantee he would answer the phones with a live voice. Years later, that philosophy holds true even as Payday’s phone lines increased from 2 to 25. Respected throughout the country as a leader in the payroll industry, Andy served two terms as president of The Payroll Group, a National Payroll Service Bureau trade association.

Andy is a liaison to the IRS, Social Security Administration and Congress as well as a sought-after speaker by groups like the Virginia CPA Society and the American Payroll Association. Andy is also widely recognized as a community philanthropist/activist and sits on boards of several non-profit organizations.

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